SDS Authoring Software

SDS Writer Software



SDS Authoring Software creates GHS SDSs for your company’s products easily.


A scalable SDS Authoring system based on the GHS SDS standard. Customizable with many features. Add your company’s logo and start creating your SDSs!


  • Generate GHS SDSs – Integrated GHS Classifications, Signal Words, Precautionary Statements, and Pictograms.
  • Pre-loaded Chemical List – With our included chemical database, you can build your SDS by selecting the chemical components from a simple picklist.
  • Your Logo and Color Scheme – Easily add your company’s logo and color scheme to your SDSs.
  • Custom Templates – Create your own custom templates for product families or similar products.
  • Standard List Libraries – Customizable list templates for all fields to enforce standard rules and assist in data entry.
  • Trademarks and Proprietary Information – Keep your trademarks and proprietary information confidential via our special status fields.
  • Integration – Seamlessly integrates with ImageWave’s EHS Enterprise® Software Suite including SDSFinder® and the Advanced Environmental Reporter.
  • Flexible Output – Output your SDSs to industry standard file formats such as PDF, HTML and Text.
  • Multi-lingual –The multi-lingual option creates SDSs in up to 51 languages.
  • GHS Label Printing – Print GHS container and shipping labels.
  • Multiple Brand SDSs –Multiple Brands? No problem. Easily create SDSs using various brand logo profiles.
  • Don’t see a feature you’re looking for on this list? Contact our experienced sales staff for more details and a free demo !