EHS Enterprise® Software Suite

ImageWave - EHS Enterprise® Software Suite - GHS



  • SDSFinder® Advanced SDS Management
  • Chemical Inventory Tracking & Environmental Reporting
  • GHS Container Label Printing
  • Central SDS Database
  • SDS Update Service & more!


  • Easily manage SDSs acquired from multiple sources, including the Internet, in one central database for wide availability across your organization.
  • Includes extensive data tracking, GHS container label printing, and reporting features.
  • All of ImageWave’s software applications can be installed on your network or hosted for you by ImageWave for access over the Internet via ImageWave’s Application Hosting Service.


  • Manage SDSs in one central database for one location or multiple locations Enterprise-Wide
  • Intuitive search interface for Employee Right-to-Know requires no training
  • Unique Fuzzy Search technology finds SDSs even if clue words are misspelled
  • Advanced Admin user interface tracks over 200+ fields of data
  • ‘Auto-population’ features load data fields from the SDS document
  • Tracks Components, CAS #, %, GHS Hazards, Precautionary Statements, Pictograms, & more
  • Easily update SDSs to the latest revision and archive old revisions
  • Creates GHS Secondary Container Labels and GHS Shipping Labels
  • Database Copier retains data on any portable medium for emergency back-up
  • Prints out SDSs for binders if needed
  • Tracks chemicals down to the bin level at multiple facilities
  • Includes many pre-loaded tables such as:
    • Chemical Components & CAS #’s
    • GHS Hazard Statements
    • GHS Precautionary Statements
    • GHS Pictograms & Signal Words
    • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Tracks numerous State & Federal Regulations
  • Converts units of measure to pounds for environmental reports
  • Creates many reports including SARA 313 & TIER II summaries
  • Chemical Review & Approval functions
  • Includes access to our Central SDS Database
  • Ask us about our SDS Update Service and Enterprise-Wide SDS Database Consolidation Services
  • For more information, contact our sales staff or request a free demo .